SCTA Elections

updated: 1/13/2021

Announcing SCTA Election Season 2021!

This year, the SCTA election will take place from February 24 – March 2, 2021. Active SCTA members will be eligible to vote for the following: 

1. SCTA General Election for SCTA Board of Directors and State Council Representatives

2. SCTA Local NEA Representative Assembly Delegates

The election timelines may be viewed by clicking here.

The Election Announcements may be viewed here.

To submit your candidacy visit our online webform at or click the button below:

You may also use the appropriate downloadable pdf candidacy forms below:

General Election Declaration of Candidacy pdf version

Local Delegate to the NEA/RA Candidacy pdf version

Once complete email your declaration of candidacy, statement and optional photo to You may also email to make an appointment to pick up a paper form from the SCTA office.

Your declaration of candidacy whether filled out electronically via the web form, by downloadable pdf, or submitted on paper must be received at the SCTA office no later than 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 4, 2021. (Postmarked date not accepted.)


Please click to view the General Election Announcement and the Timeline.

SCTA Board of Directors

(Term: 2-yr; 7/1/2021 to 6/30/2023)

1st Vice-President
2nd Vice-President
High School Director
Middle School Director
Elementary Directors (2)
Special Education Director
Pupil Services Director

Members elected to the SCTA board are responsible for representing members in their elected group. They also are expected to attend board meetings approximately twice a month, rep council once a month and serve on the Peer Assistance Committee.  Directors are also expected to hold at least one meeting of their represented segment per year. Please see Standing Rules and Bylaws for more details.

State Council

(to complete remainder of 3-yr terms, as noted below)

Local State Council Representative (vacancy; term upon election through 6/25/23)

Local State Council Alternate (vacancy; term: upon election through  6/25/22)

Members elected as our Local SCTA State Council Representatives are responsible for representing SCTA members on the state level. Representatives must attend 4 meetings throughout the school year currently in Los Angeles (Friday evening – Sunday afternoon). They are also  expected to attend monthly rep council meetings. In the event an elected representative is unable to attend a meeting of the State Council of Education, an elected alternate shall be designated to attend the meeting in their place.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 State Council of Education Meetings are currently being held virtually. We do not yet know if meetings will be in person or held virtually next fall. The current virtual format holds orientation, committee meetings and some optional caucus meetings during the weekday in the evenings prior to the main business of Local Directorial Sessions (Sacramento is District E) and General Session on Saturdays.

Candidacy Forms, photos and statements are due to the SCTA office by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 4, 2021. (Postmarked date not accepted.)   Please follow directions carefully.


The NEA-RA is in Denver Colorado this year, however due to COVID-19 we expect the assembly to take place virtually with no travel.  Delegates will be expected to attend the assembly from July 2 to July 6, 2020 (see update from 1.27.2021 below).  The NEA/RA is an amazing assembly where members of NEA from all over the country gather together and through democratic process, using Roberts Rules determine the policies of our national organization.  It is the largest democratic body in our nation. If elected to represent your colleagues at the NEA/RA you will be required to attend all California Caucuses which begin at 7:00 am and all sessions of the full NEA body which will meet until the conclusion of all business items on the last day of the assembly.   There are countless other caucuses and meetings to get involved in if you choose.  Please click here to see the SCTA policy on delegate requirements.  You will also find more information at the NEA website:

The number of virtual positions TBD; pending NEA/CTA notification.  The delegate positions will be decided in the order of the number of votes received for each candidate.   Please click to view the NEA-RA Election Announcement, Timeline, and the Downloadable PDF Candidacy Form.

Candidacy Forms, photos and statements are due to the SCTA office by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 4, 2021.  (Postmarked date not accepted.) Please follow directions carefully.

The SCTA Election Manual may be viewed by clicking here.

update: 1.22.2021

If you choose to run, would you please send feedback to the Elections Chair, Robert Peters, at regarding the current format used, particularly noting its effectiveness or any difficulties?  It would be much appreciated, and would also help greatly in formatting future elections as well. Thank you.

Update: 1.27.2021

RE: NEA-RA 2021

This morning we were notified by NEA that that SCTA has been allocated 15 local delegates to the Virtual 2021 NEA-RA.

They also say the Assembly has been tentatively scheduled for June 30, 2021 through July 3, 2021 and that the final dates are subject to change.



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