State Issues New Complaint Against SCUSD–the 10th in 2 years–Most of Any School District in California


For the tenth time two years, the California Public Employment Relations Bureau (PERB) issued a formal complaint against the Sacramento City Unified School District. You can view the new complaint here.

The complaint in this case involves the District unlawful increase of pay increase to replacement workers (scabs) during the SCTA unfair labor practice strike in April 2019.

It was the first strike in 30 years in SCUSD and culiminated teachers’ protest of the illegal actions taken by SCUSD including its refusal to honor the contract and arbitrate grievances.

Of the ten complaints, SCUSD has agreed to SCTA’s proposal for settlement in 4 cases, 2 have gone to hearing, and 4 additional complaints await hearing. Of the 2 charges that went to hearing after SCUSD refused to settle, SCTA prevailed in both, which can be viewed here and here.

Every Unfair Practice Charge (UPC) that SCTA has filed against the District since 2018 has resulted in a PERB issuing a complaint–after a strenous SCUSD defense to the charge.

With 10 PERB complaints in 2 years, SCUSD is biggest labor law violator among school districts in the entire state. SCTA has recently requested the invoices from the District’s outside law firms so that it can calculate the millions of taxpayer dollars that have been wasted by the District’s decisions to engage in this systemic pattern of unlawful behavior.

The charges have included failing to honor the contract, suing teachers to stop them from enforcing the contract, retaliation against employees, refusal to bargain in good, failing to include decision-makers at the bargaining table, providing false and misleading information or refusing to provide information at all, making unlawful unilateral changes to wages and working conditions and other violations of the law.



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