Standardized Tests in SCUSD?


Student Assessments in Perspective

National Experts Participate in SCTA Forum On April 28, 2021

We hosted a forum (via Zoom) regarding student assessments in SCUSD. The participants included:

  • David Fisher, the President of the Sacramento City Teachers Association. David provided the introductions, and emceed the forum.
  • Princess Moss , the Vice-President of the National Education Association. Her comments begin at 4:38.
  • David Goldberg, the Vice-President of the California Teachers Association. His comments begin at 14:40.
  • Ingrid Hutchins, a 2nd grade teacher, Golden Empire Elementary, SCUSD. Her comments begin at 18:25.
  • Dr. Kevin Welner, a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the Director of the National Education Policy Center. His comments begin at 28:48.
  • Dr. Lorrie Shepard, the University Distinguished Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Research and Evaluation Methodology program. Her comments begin at 34:56.

The event concluded with a few questions and answers which begin at 42:45.

The purpose of the forum was to provide context for discussions with the District concerning creating meaningful student assessments in SCUSD. In November 2016, we signed an MOU with the District that you can view here that gives educators a real voice in developing student assessments in SCUSD that are “meaningful and useful.”

In 2019, SCUSD attempted to render the MOU null and void. We took the dispute to arbitration where the arbitrator ordered the District to honor its agreement. You can view the arbitrator’s decision here.

Following the decision, the Superintendent reluctantly acknowledged the MOU is in full force and effect. This forum provided practical insight from some of the nation’s leading experts on student assessments and how they can enhance learning in SCUSD.



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