SCTA Rolls Out Destination District Implementation Plan


We are working with the District to wrap up loose ends related to the contract.

In anticipation of the contract’s ratification, we are proposing a 90-day Destination District Implementation Plan.

Our plan includes:

  • Developing a real teacher recruitment plan and schedule of events and outreach to encourage educators to work in Sac City, particularly in light of our now competitive salary schedule structure for 2018-19, capitalizing on some of the preliminary joint work already begun related to DACA;
  • Convening the California Education Coalition for Health Care Reform (CECHR) to identify potential health plan savings, without reducing the level of benefits or the quality of the health plans;
  • Convening the Calendar Committee to discuss the 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 school year;
  • Identifying the actual costs of our agreed-upon class size and other support services and establish priorities for implementation in the 2018-19 school year;
  • Identifying other sources of funding within the District to fund additional class size reduction and service improvements;
  • Negotiating the implementation of the Superintendent’s announced $4.6 million arts allocation, to bridge resources between now and the 2020 ballot initiative included in our agreement;
  • Convening the Destination District Committee to make immediate and long-term recommendations to increase enrollment and improve services in our schools;
  • Convening a Professional Development Commitment that would first seek input from educators regarding the professional learning that would be most useful, and then oversee the implementation of that training;
  • Convening a Restorative Practices Committee to create viable and meaningful alternatives to suspensions and expulsions, beginning with training made available to all teachers.
  • Convening a Multi-tiered Structures of Support (MTSS) Committee that will oversee and ensure the resourcing of a robust, muli-tiered intervention program and reorganize the District’s special education department consistent with recommendations from the Council Great City Schools’ audit.
  • Completing the adoption of the ELA/ELD curriculum and then developing the processes for monitoring student progress that is fully embedded in students’ curriculum.


From this list, you can see we have a lot of exciting and challenging work ahead of us, which will provide hundreds of opportunities for involvement.  It is a great time to be an educator, parent and student in Sac City Unified.



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