SCTA Rep Council Unanimously Approves Taking Strike Vote

On Thursday, May 12th_DSC7158, the SCTA Rep Council–with nearly 100 worksite leaders in attendance–voted unanimously to hold a membership vote to approve aone-day strike to protest the District’s bad faith bargaining.  The Rep Council action follows a unanimous recommendation from the SCTA Board of Directors and the SCTA bargaining team.
If approved by a vote of the membership, the bargaining team would be empowered to set a strike date.  No strike date has been set.
The voting will occur at work sites throughout the District, and is expected to be completed by June 7th.  Scheduling is still underway, but notices will be provided to work sites in advance of the voting.
Fact-Finder Moving Forward With Recommendation
In the meantime, the neutral third party/fact-finder is moving forward writing her recommendation.  On May 2nd, when the hearing concluded, the fact-finding panel consisting of one SCTA representative, one District representative, and the fact-finder had tentatively agreed to reconvene by telephone on May 6th. But on Thursday, May 5th, the District representative failed to confirm the call.  The fact-finder then stated she would commence writing her report.  On Monday May 9th, the District representative requested another call for Thursday, May 12th.  We stated we were available, but did not want the District to use the call on May 12th as an excuse to delay the fact-finder’s recommendation.   The District representative never responded.  In the meantime, the fact-finder has asked each side to submit a closing argument-type letter to her by May 19th so that she could take that into consideration prior to issuing her report.
Once her report is written, the fact-finder will submit it to each party confidentially for comments.  Ten days later her report will become public. Once her report is written either party may accept or reject her report.  If an agreement is not reached at that time, we then have the right to strike.


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