SCTA Annual Scholarships



The Sacramento Teachers Association will be providing the following scholarships to deserving graduating seniors.  Please read the requirements for each scholarship and mark those for which you wish to be considered.


SCTA Scholarship — $2,000 ( up to 3 awarded)

Based on academic excellence, leadership and community service

Minimum GPA 3.0


SCTA Most Improved Scholarship — $2,000

SCTA Improvement Award to a student who has demonstrated significant academic improvement over the course of their high school career

Minimum GPA 2.5


Frank Tofell Memorial Scholarship — $5,000

For a high school student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement

Minimum GPA 3.5


Jo and George Serlin Memorial Scholarship — $2,000

For a high school senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership and community service.

Minimum GPA   3.5


Scott Smith Memorial Scholarship – $2,000

For a Kennedy HS senior who is majoring in English or Drama

Minimum GPA 3.5


Linda Kircher Memorial Scholarship – $2,000

For a McClatchy HS senior who has aspirations of becoming a teacher!!

Minimum GPA 3.5


Applicants should have a strong academic record, demonstrate need, have defined goals, have participated in various activities and fulfill the following requirements:

1)   Senior graduating from a SCUSD high school during the 2015-2016 school year

2)   At least one year enrollment at present school

3)   Proof of registration in at least 12 units of class work at any two or four year accredited institution

of higher learning or equivalent vocational program in the fall or spring of 2016-17.


Students with a parent who is a member of SCTA receive additional consideration.

The deadline is Wednesday, April 22, 2016 at 4:30 pm.

This deadline is absolute, and no late or incomplete applications will be considered.




Application Process:

Please submit the application in proper form and attach an official (with Registrar’s Seal) transcript of high school credits (with GPA) through the first semester of this school year.  All materials must be at the SCTA office, 5300 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819, no later than April 22, 2016, 4:30 pm.  Applications and forms may be sent through school mail, US mail, or hand-delivered.


If a candidate is chosen for a scholarship, a brief biography and school photo must be brought in to SCTA before a check can be issued.  This will be used for an article in a SCTA publication.

For additional information, please call the SCTA office, 916-452-4591.




Type the following, using 12 point font:


(Handwritten submissions will not be considered)


Give the name of the scholarship or scholarships for which you are applying


Your Full Name


Home address including city and zip code


Phone number




Date of enrollment at present school


Also include:

  1. What college or university do you expect to attend? When?
  2. Please list offices or elected positions you hold in school organizations.
  3. Please list your service activities in organizations or groups in your community. Do not include service hours for Senior Project.  Note if the hours were a requirement for a school program (such as a service club, PACE, HISP, CSF, Key Club etc.)
  4. Please attach a one-page autobiographical sketch, including such information as family background, future plans, financial or special needs, how a college education will help you achieve your goal, and reasons for applying for this scholarship.




________     One typed (12 point type) completed application – (no electronic submission)


_______       Sealed copy of Official Transcript stamped with Registrar’s Seal.

If applying for more than one scholarship, include only one transcript.


Do not include any letters of recommendation.




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