Lawsuit Update: Responding to the Superintendent’s Bad Faith



Lawsuit Update: Responding to the Superintendent’s Bad Faith


We wanted to provide an update in our struggle to get Superintendent Jorge Aguilar and the School Board to honor their contract that was signed and ratified over one year ago–and to fix the self-inflicted budget fiasco by curbing bureaucratic bloat.

As we reported on the Friday before break (November 16), the District is trying to go to court to prevent us from enforcing our contract through arbitration. In short, the Superintendent is not only backtracking from his agreement on the new salary schedule, but now he’s backtracking on his commitment to arbitrate the dispute and has taken the extraordinary act of suing to try to stop us from arbitrating.

Even more importantly, by going to court the District is delaying getting the matter resolved. Of course, the quickest path would be for the Superintendent simply to honor his agreement. But since he was unwilling to do that, we could have already had an arbitrator’s decision that was final and binding on both parties. By going to court, the Superintendent is merely trying to delay the inevitable. The court has already informed us that no action will occur until well after a case management conference with the judge on May 23, 2019–six months from now. And a hearing will occur months after that.

In the meantime, we will be exploring all legal options to force the District to honor the agreement in a timely way.

How we got here deserves a more complete explanation.

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What Can We Do About It?


To start, sign the petition here to Jorge Aguilar and the Board of Education and urge them to put Sac City students first!

And after you have signed it, share the link with friends and family and encourage them to sign it as well.

Next, the SCTA Executive Board and Rep Council are developing a comprehensive plan of action to ensure that Superintendent honors our contract.

Last November, we demonstrated what can be accomplished when we stand together. It’s time to do that again!




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