Settlement Reached, Strike Averted

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg helped to mediate the agreement
We have reached a tentative agreement in contract negotiations that began more than 13 months ago.

“Today is a good day for Sacramento’s students and for our community as a whole,” said David Fisher, 2nd grade teacher and president of SCTA. “We believe this tentative agreement will help move us in the direction necessary to ensure each and every one of our students has a qualified educator in every classroom, resources they need, and programs that will ensure their success. After 13 months of negotiations we are grateful for the support of our students, their parents and the communities in which we teach. The overwhelming support for our public schools is what keeps us as educators standing up for our students.”
          Reducing class size, hiring quality educators, and improving special education services have been among the key bargaining table issues and were addressed in this tentative agreement. Sac City educators presented student-centered proposals designed to improve the quality of education and provide Sacramento students with the quality education they need and deserve.
        “We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we believe this contract and the work we’ve done to arrive at this tentative agreement will clear that path,” said Fisher. “We appreciate the support and quick involvement of Mayor Darrell Steinberg to resolve this impasse and avoid the long-lasting impact of a strike, as well as the leadership of Superintendent Jorge Aguilar. We look forward to working together to transform Sac City Unified into the Destination District for generations to come.”
         A ratification vote is pending by both teams but is expected in the days ahead.


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