Sac City Educators Call on District to Bargaining Table this Weekend


“…District is prepared to make significant compensation concession and other contractual concessions…” Scott Holbrook, SCUSD attorney


SACRAMENTO –Sacramento’s educators are calling on District officials to return to the negotiations table beginning Saturday following an encouraging communication the district’s legal counsel sent to the Sacramento City Teachers Association’s (SCTA) attorney Friday stating that: “… the District is prepared to make significant compensation concession(s) and other contractual concessions . . .”

In a November 3rd letter to the SCUSD Superintendent, Fisher, on behalf of Sacramento’s educators, stated: “Considering the inability to settle the contract through mediation in the Spring, and the significant progress made this summer and early fall in the pre-fact finding bargaining, SCTA would propose that we begin negotiations with the District tomorrow, November 4, 2017 at 1 p.m. at the SCTA and be prepared to return on Sunday, November 5th at time to be determined by the parties… Given that time is of the essence and our belief that we all should be prepared to work through the weekend if necessary to avoid a strike if possible, we do not want our opportunity to bargain impeded by the lack of availability of a state mediator and believe that Monday is too long to wait.”

Reducing class size, hiring quality educators, and improving special education services are among the key bargaining table issues. Sac City educators have presented student-centered proposals designed to improve the quality of education and provide Sacramento students with the quality education they need and deserve.


Educators represented by SCTA authorized a strike. The vote to strike was approved by 97.2 percent of the SCTA members who cast ballots.



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