• News Messenger – February 26, 2015
    News Messenger Volume 34 Issue 21 Committees, Committees, Committees Calendar, Class-Size Reduction, Report Card and Others Preparation and organization is underway to begin to engage the District in a number of committees, most provided for by the contract, and others as a result of a renewed engagement with the Academic Office. Calendar Committee:  The first [...]
  • News Messenger February 23, 2015
    News Messenger Volume 34 Issue 21 District:  HealthNet To Begin March 1 Numerous Issues Remain But We’re Making Progress The District and HealthNet are finalizing notices to active teachers and pre-65 retirees regarding the reinstatement of HealthNet, according to the District, effective March 1, 2105.  The process for reinstatement has been far more time consuming [...]
  • News Messenger February 18, 2015
    News Messenger Volume 34 Issue 20                                                                                                                                               February 18, 2015    Update on HealthNet Reinstatement District Postpones Meeting Until Thursday February 19  The meeting scheduled for yesterday (February 17) with the District to continue discussions about the health plan changes for post-65 retirees was moved to Thursday at the District’s request.  Plans are currently [...]
  • Health Plan Update
    Earlier this week, the District agreed to reinstate the HealthNet medical plan for active teachers and pre-age 65 retirees (those who are not yet eligible for Medicare).  We met with the District yesterday (February 10) to discuss the mechanics of reinstating the HealthNet plan for active and pre-65 retirees.  We also began to discuss reinstating HealthNet [...]
    District Agrees to Reinstate HealthNet For Active and Pre-65 Retirees Discussions Continue on How to Fix Issues for Post-65 retirees After months of adversity, the District has agreed to reinstate the HealthNet medical plan for active and pre-65 retired teachers.  This reinstatement resolves medical plan issues for approximately 4000 of the 5000 active and retired [...]