• News Messenger April 11, 2014
  • Death of the CORE Waiver
    CORE Waiver Update #6 The CORE Waiver is Dead!  We are very pleased to announce that the district has decided not to reapply for SCUSD’s CORE Waiver application for next year.  Today at a small joint press conference at the SCTA office, School Board President, Patrick Kennedy and SCTA President, Nikki Milevsky, officially announced this [...]
    CORE Waiver Update #5 NCLB California State Testing Waiver for ALL of California   The state of California applied for a waiver from the NCLB testing requirement with the US Department of Education.  When the California legislature passed passed AB 484 last year (which dropped the old testing system and allowed no use of the [...]
  • News Messenger March 27, 2014