As the office of Treasurer is the only position with more than one candidate, we are not including the candidate statements for the other positions.  Below are the candidate statements for the two candidates running for Treasurer, listed in the order of the CTA alphabet for 2011-12.



Robert Lynch

          I’ve served this association and you for many years.  In all that time I’ve never seen a board work so hard together to do the work that must be done.  There is no doubt we are facing serious challenges but this board is willing to put in the time and effort required to help members and protect salary and benefits.   As you current treasurer I’ve done everything I can to safeguard and protect your dues.  I have presented a budget to Rep Council and we are maintaining that budget!   Please vote to re-elect me,Robert Lynch, as your Treasurer.

 Carlos Rico

          I have no illusions about the coming fights we have, nor do I shrink away from them.  Whether in a leadership role or a member, I will always fight for our benefits, rights, and profession.  My classroom experience includes Kindergarten, 4th-6th grades, and currently 5th grade.  I have served as:  1st Vice President, Elementary Director, Minority Director, and Site Rep.  I am your representative to CTA’s State Educational Council and Capital Service Center Steering Committee.  At State Council I am on the Civil Rights in Education Committee and chair the Policy Review Sub-Committee.  Please vote, Carlos Rico for Treasurer.