News Messenger  – September 17, 2012

Contact Cards

During the month of September, SCTA, along with other teacher associations in the state, is working on getting the word out to their members to vote yes on proposition 30 and no on 32.   Our ability to affect these propositions starts with us. Please fill out the contact cards (your site representative has them) and return them to your site representative by Thursday, September 20th.   We are asking that site representatives turn in the cards by Friday September 21st.  The cards will give us an idea of what outreach we need on these vital issues.  Remember that YOU are SCTA.  We have proven in the past that working together we can make a difference.  Let’s do it again. 

Phone Banking

Starting September 25th, we will be phone banking  from 4:00-8:00 pm, at the SCTA Office.  We are encouraging sites to sign-up.  Participants of the phone bank will get a $5.00 gift card and dinner. When your site representative signs up have them tell us what you would like for dinner: Chinese, BBQ, Mexican, or Pizza.  First choice goes to the first site that signs up for that night!

Not Your Job!

The financial decisions by the District have left many of our schools without the services they need.  These decisions have left many of our members without a job this school year,  including Nurses, Librarians and Counselors.  Please Do Not do the jobs of other unit members because of the “more with less” decisions made at the District office.  If you are asked to take on extra duties please politely refuse and report any questionable requests or activities to SCTA. 

 Extended Kindergarten

The District and SCTA are currently in discussion to settle contractual issues around instructional minutes for Kindergarten teachers.  We will be holding a meeting here at SCTA soon to discuss this issue and the resolution.  Please look for notice of that meeting in the near future.