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Picket lines at Raley’s and Nob Hill


This Monday morning is extra hard for our union brothers and sisters who work for Raley’s and Nob Hill grocery stores. After negotiations broke down over the weekend, the UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) have gone out on strike after 15 long months of negotiating in good faith while fending off management takeaways to employee wages, health and welfare benefits, and retiree health care.


Currently, the strike affects only Raley’s and Nob Hill stores because employees at Bel Air stores (part of the Raley’s corporation and family of grocery stores) have not yet taken a strike vote, but it is assumed they will follow suit and also authorize a strike.  Raley’s management executives are urging employees to resign from their union and they are threatening employees who support their union and this job action, and today they are even trying to intimidate workers into crossing the picket line.


Union attorneys filed charges of “unfair labor practices” against the company on Nov. 1, citing violations of laws prohibiting harassment and intimidation of Union members.  They have tried to circumvent the Union’s authority as a bargaining agent, and have used “regressive bargaining” — submitting proposals that are worse than previous offers. The Union also charged that Raley’s was unlawfully threatening to implement changes to the parties’ collective bargaining agreements.


Many of you are loyal Raley’s customers.  SCTA shops at our local Raley’s for food and meeting supplies.  But we will not be shopping there until they reach a fair contract settlement with their employees. Many of us know employees of Raley’s and want to support them.  We should support them!  We should  support them today by walking with them on their picket line as they stand up to Raley’s desperate union-busting tactics! This will not be an easy fight for the union but the best way we can support them and bring this job action to a quick and successful conclusion is to boycott all Raley’s stores.


SCTA is a union!  We are union members and uphold union values!

Please show your solidarity and support to our striking union sisters and brothers by not shopping at Raley’s, Nob Hill and Bel Air stores until a settlement is reached!





Ruling on CSR ($95) Money


SCTA has received the opinion back from the Arbitrator in the dispute with the District over the $95.00 deductions, which came out of the June 14th 2010 Letter of Agreement.  The Arbitrator ruled that the District did not violate the Agreement.   The Arbitrator felt the language from paragraph 1 which states “a goal of achieving” and not “will” or “shall” left the door open for the District to not live up to their end of the bargain. It is unfortunate that the Arbitrator was unable to grant some relief.  We are looking forward to a more favorable ruling on the Ed Jobs Arbitration which we should know about by the end of November.



October 26, 2012


Propositions 30 & 32

We are down to the wire with both propositions and both are so close it may come down to only a few votes. We really need you, our members, to step up and either come in and call, or precinct walk this Saturday (tomorrow) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  These two propositions directly affect you; if 30 loses each and every teacher will likely see a significant reduction in pay.  If 32 wins CTA loses the ability to effectively fight for you in local races, statewide races, and at the Capitol.  At stake, are your pensions, job security, and our ability to collectively bargain.   Please think about what you stand to lose, then come to SCTA and do something about it!


Evaluation Pre-Conference

Evaluation pre-conferences must be completed by Nov 1.   We have reports that some principals are asking teachers to sign a pre- evaluation form not SCTA/District approved.  Do not agree to sign any evaluation form that is not one that the SCTA/District agreed to.  If you want to check the contractual pre-evaluation form you can find it on the SCTA or District website under the collective bargaining agreement (the Contract), Appendix A, page 108.  If you have a form that does not look familiar to you, please bring it to SCTA for us to see (or a scan or fax would be fine).

SCTA Organizing Committee   Election Bites

Week of October 1, 2012


Proposition 30—Yes                                           Proposition 32—NO


Our intent is to provide you with information that will help clarify these propositions and to encourage you to talk with your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues about why we must


PASS PROPOSITION 30                            AND                        DEFEAT PROPOSITION 32.


SCTA strongly Supports Proposition 30 because:

  • $20,000,000,000 (yes, that’s $20 BILLION!) has been cut from public education inCaliforniaover the last four years. We can’t keep cutting education and expect our economy to grow!
  • Over 30,000 educators have been laid off in our state. Class sizes have increased tremendously.Californiais now among states with the largest class sizes even though research overwhelmingly shows this is harmful to teaching and learning.


SCTA strongly Opposes Proposition 32 because:

  • Proposition 32 is funded by billionaires (ever heard of the Koch Brothers?) who do not want labor to have a voice. It claims to stop corporations and unions from wielding political power, by using payroll deductions for political purposes.  However, 99% ofCaliforniacorporations don’t use payroll deductions for political contributions. Prop 32 does nothing to limit corporate and Super PAC contributions and influence. That’s not fair or balanced. Labor voices would be silenced! Your voice would be silenced!
  • In our district, an employee rules handbook could be imposed on you if Proposition 32 passes. Those rules could limit your personal and academic freedoms, and make it easier for your employer to terminate you with little to no due process.  Even speaking up about poor working conditions could put your job, and your paycheck, on the line!

Please read more in the following weeks on each of these propositions, as well as other Election 2012 information of importance to you.  


Read More: Link of the Week

To read more about Proposition 32 and the Koch Brothers connection, visit:

 How to win this campaign:

1.      Educate yourself and others about propositions 30 and 32. 

2.      Volunteer for phone banking. 

3.      Volunteer for precinct walking.

4.      Don’t sit this one out!

News Messenger

Sept 28, 2012

 Furlough Days


When you receive your check from the district this month you should notice a deduction for the two furlough days that were agreed to in the current contract. Rather than charge everyone the entire amount in the month we take the furlough days (November), the district is spreading the cost out into much smaller amounts spread over all 10 months.

Class Size Leveling – Correction to middle school class size

 We apologize.  The staffing ratio for 7th and 8th is 31 but the class sizes for 7th and 8th are defined in 17.4 of the contract as 35 students in most kinds of classes.   


News Messenger September 27, 2012

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News Messenger

Sept 27, 2012

 Open Enrollment

The time for changing your benefits is nearly over. TOMORROW (9/28) is the last day to make any changes to your medical, dental or vision plans.  You can make the changes online, in person at the benefits office, or if you mail something to them be sure it’s postmarked by tomorrow!

 Class Size Leveling

The district should have leveled all elementary classes in district as of Monday (9/24) and all secondary classes as of next Monday (10/1).   Please see contract language 17.1 (for elementary) and 17.4 (for secondary) regarding details of additional grace periods.  If your class has not been leveled the district will have to either have a signed form from you saying you allow a larger class size (Note: we do NOT recommend you do this because it keeps additional teachers from being hired back), or they will have to pay $90.00 a day for each day your class size is over the limit. Please email if your class size is over the limit.  High school is 35 per class or 170 contacts per day, middle school is 31 per class, intermediate is 33, primary is 31, and kinder is 32. PE and Music is 220 contacts per day for high school, and any prep in elementary is 190 contacts per day.

 Health Net Issue

It has come to our attention that some members have been incorrectly charged a $15 fee for lab work services from Heath Net.  We want to assure members that there has been no negotiated change to our benefits in this area.  We are working with our insurance broker to correct these charges.  If you received a bill from Health net for Lab work please contact Nikki Milevsky at for assistance. 

 Right of Return

If you filled out a right of return and it was not honored at last year’s surplussing, please call SCTA 452-4591.

 Update Email

We know people change their email for a variety of reasons. We’d like to remind everyone who has changed his or her email in the last four months to please update the email address with SCTA. We like to keep you informed and email has been an excellent method for up-to-date information.

 Rep Elections

If your school hasn’t held Rep elections, the upcoming faculty meeting in October would be the perfect time. Reps play an important role at every site and a school without one really is at a disadvantage when it comes to representation for members with the administrator, and with the district as a whole.

From now until the November election, your SCTA Organizing Committee will provide you with frequent brief messages on SCTA election priorities:  Proposition 30—Yes; and Proposition 32—NO

Our intent is to provide you with information that will help clarify these propositions and to encourage you to talk with your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues about why we must pass Proposition 30 and defeat Proposition 32.

We open with the most important information about both propositions.

SCTA strongly Supports Proposition 30 because:

  • It will provide an immediate injection of billions of dollars into our schools to fund teaching positions, lower class sizes, new textbooks and materials and programs like art and music. Proposition 30 is the only tax initiative that provides funding for public schools beginning this year.
  • If Prop. 30 fails, public schools and colleges will be hit by $6 billion in trigger cuts this year. For the Sacramento City Unified School District that budget trigger means cutting of up to 10 days from this school year.

SCTA strongly Opposes Proposition 32 because:

  • It is a deceitful, corporate-interest-backed measure aimed at destroying the collective ability of teachers to participate in the political process, including local school board races.
  • It specifically prohibits the collection of “political funds” from union members via payroll deduction (members already have the right to “opt-out” of such deductions), but wholly exempts corporations and billionaires from raising and spending unlimited amounts of money through secretive Super PACs and other committees.

Please read more in the following weeks on each of these propositions, as well as other Election 2012 information of importance to you.

Read More: Link of the Week

In the meantime, don’t miss the Sacramento Bee’s Sunday September 23rd editorial in opposition to Proposition 32:

Proposition 32 Power Play Deserves a “No” Vote

How to win this campaign:

1.      Educate yourself and others about propositions 30 and 32.

2.      Volunteer for phone banking.

3.      Volunteer for precinct walking.

4.      Don’t sit this one out!


News Messenger  - September 17, 2012

Contact Cards

During the month of September, SCTA, along with other teacher associations in the state, is working on getting the word out to their members to vote yes on proposition 30 and no on 32.   Our ability to affect these propositions starts with us. Please fill out the contact cards (your site representative has them) and return them to your site representative by Thursday, September 20th.   We are asking that site representatives turn in the cards by Friday September 21st.  The cards will give us an idea of what outreach we need on these vital issues.  Remember that YOU are SCTA.  We have proven in the past that working together we can make a difference.  Let’s do it again. 

Phone Banking

Starting September 25th, we will be phone banking  from 4:00-8:00 pm, at the SCTA Office.  We are encouraging sites to sign-up.  Participants of the phone bank will get a $5.00 gift card and dinner. When your site representative signs up have them tell us what you would like for dinner: Chinese, BBQ, Mexican, or Pizza.  First choice goes to the first site that signs up for that night!

Not Your Job!

The financial decisions by the District have left many of our schools without the services they need.  These decisions have left many of our members without a job this school year,  including Nurses, Librarians and Counselors.  Please Do Not do the jobs of other unit members because of the “more with less” decisions made at the District office.  If you are asked to take on extra duties please politely refuse and report any questionable requests or activities to SCTA. 

 Extended Kindergarten

The District and SCTA are currently in discussion to settle contractual issues around instructional minutes for Kindergarten teachers.  We will be holding a meeting here at SCTA soon to discuss this issue and the resolution.  Please look for notice of that meeting in the near future.




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Press Releases:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
CONTACT: Scott Smith 916-452-5491

Sacramento City Teachers Association declines to participate in Race to the Top

SCTA appreciates Superintendent’s desire to raise more funds and agree that having sufficient resources is critical to our students’ education.  And, as we have done in the past, will continue to also offer our own ideas on how to funnel more monies directly to the classroom.

However, we feel that putting time and effort into crafting a proposal for the District Race to the Top program would be unwise and we cannot support it for several reasons:

One, all of our efforts should be devoted to supporting Governor Brown’s Prop 30 initiative, which will provide long-term, not a temporary, support to our schools.  We only have a few weeks left to organize for its passage.

Two, Race to the Top requires a teacher evaluation program in place.  Though we may not agree with everything said by the Sacramento Bee ( and School Board member Jeff Cuneo (, we do agree with their position that the development of a teacher evaluation system should not be rushed.  A few weeks certainly would fit the definition of “rushed.”

Three, with 900School Districtsfrom around the country applying for $400 million in RTTT funds, and the expectation that only 15-25 districts will actually receive a grant, the odds are long that our District even stands a chance of getting the funds.  In addition to putting our efforts into securing passage of Prop. 30, we think collaborating on a plan for a local tax initiative to support ourSacramentoschools would be a better use of district and teacher time.

Recommendations on September 10th, from the Educator Excellence Task Force appointed by State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson were based on the input of educators, who worked for months on the findings. This shows the effort that is needed, and this could be the basis for an evaluation program that educators believe in – one that de-emphasis high-stakes testing and supports teacher development.

We would like future discussions to be given the time needed to be fruitful, and look forward to entering into amicable discussions with the district on this topic in the future.