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MAY 23, 2013



Surplussing Suspended


The surplus for the 2013-14 school year has been a fiasco from the start. This is mainly because positions at the Superintendent’s Priority Schools have been excluded (a contract violation that SCTA will be grieving) from the process.  Yesterday the District ran out of elementary positions, leaving more than 50 members with no options.   As a result, the surplus placement process guaranteed in Article 8 of the collective bargaining agreement has been suspended at this time.  SCTA is hopeful that more positions will become available after the 31st of May.   As a result SCTA will be asking the District to suspend the process for everyone until the first week in June in hopes that more positions will appear.


MAY 8, 2013

Hide and Seek 

As we get closer to this year’s surplus process that is scheduled for May the 20th-24th SCTA needs your assistance.  Every year Principals attempt to hide positions from the surplus placement process.  The contract calls for all known positions to be made available at the surplus process.  When a Principal attempts to hide a position from the process it is not only a contract violation, it is a highly unethical practice that erodes the benefits of the District’s agreed upon CBA with SCTA.  Please help us identify any positions you think are being hidden by bringing them to our attention as soon as possible.

ED JOBS Settlement Payment 

The District and SCTA have worked though the clarification issues around the identification of members employed and eligible for payment of the $600.  All unit members (regardless of job classification) employed during the 2010-11 school year will receive the payment.  The only unit members that will not be receiving a payment under the settlement are those employees who had a contract for .50FTE or less and those who, for whatever reason, did not complete at least .75% of the year.  The payment is expected on the regular May payroll for those members currently employed.  Employees who are no longer employed with the District will be mailed a check for $600.




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MAY 3, 2013

Layoff Hearings

The layoff hearings have concluded after 8 days of testimony. SCTA’s legal team will have their briefs into the judge today. We expect the Judge’s ruling by Friday May 10th. At that point we are expecting the District to call an emergency school board meeting to accept or reject the judge’s findings. Many of you may remember last year when our board rejected the judge’s ruling. That misguided decision caused SCTA to file another lawsuit over the Superintendent’s Priority Schools. We will keep you posted.


ED JOBS Payment

SCTA has worked out a tentative settlement agreement for the Distribution of the Ed Jobs Arbitration award. We are in the process of finalizing the list of eligible members employed during the 2010-11 school year. The desire is to have the additional monies added to the May payroll. Employees currently employed by the District should see the payment on their regular May paycheck. The District will send out separate checks to retirees and those no longer employed by SCUSD around the same time.


4 Elected

Robert Lynch        219

Alice Mercer          219

Carlos Rico             217

Owen Jackman     207


Evelyn Sandoval   199


Layoff Hearings

The District and their team of 4 attorneys spent 5 days putting on a case in support of the Superintendent’s priority schools.  All 7 priority school principals took the stand along with other district representatives from human resources and the area superintendent in charge of priority schools.  The testimony offered by some of the district’s witnesses was considered insulting to many members working in non-priority schools.  SCTA also found some statements made at the hearing by the district wandered far from the facts.  Monday, laid off members affected by the skipping at the priority schools were finally able to begin presenting their cases.  We had several members do a great job on the stand talking about their training and experience with data, literacy, student and family engagement and collaboration.  So far, 8 of our members have been given their jobs back.  The hearings are scheduled to go from 1-8pm today and will continue again on Wednesday.  We will let you know when it is clear that the ALJ’s ruling is completed.

ED JOBS Payment

SCTA has been working with the District to distribute the compensation from our victory in the Ed Jobs Arbitration.  SCTA has made every attempt to have that payment to qualifying members on this payroll but unfortunately we found discrepancies when reviewing the list of members and non-members slated for payment.   We are in the process of resolving that issue with the District.  The intent is to have the six hundred dollars ($600) added to the May 31st check.  Unit members who were employed during the 2010-11 school year, but have since quit or retired, will be mailed a check.  We will update you again this Friday, the 3rd with the most recent info on the payment.

Tentative Elementary Assignments

SCTA and the District have agreed to extend the date for tentative elementary assignments under Article 7.4 from April 30th to May 6th for this year only.  We agreed to the extension to allow for a more concrete picture on available positions for next year.







April 22, 2013


Surplus Process

In these times of budget cuts, increased class sizes, a shrinking student population, and some difficult working environments, we are once again faced with many members needing to go through the surplus process for placement in the 2013-14 school year.  We know this process can be difficult and wanted to provide you with an overview to alleviate some of the anxiety.  The process is basic in nature.  Members will be contacted by the personnel office and given an appointment time to come to surplusing at the Serna center to choose a position for next year.  The actual surplus process is in two steps and SCTA staff will be with you throughout both steps.  Step one occurs in a waiting room setting.   All of the available positions will be posted on the wall of that room for each teacher to look at and ask questions.  The positions are scratched off the list as teachers are placed.  We recommend that you arrive early to your appointed time so that you can carefully look at all the positions available to you.  Each teacher needs to pick their two (2) top positions they are credentialed for. Step two occurs in an interior room.  This room is filled with District staff, usually the Associate Superintendents and staff from HR.   A staff member from SCTA will be in the room to support you.  You will state your two top choices for placement next year and then the district will place you in one of those two positions.

We continue to discuss solutions with the district about school closures and surplussing.  The desire is to give members from closed schools options to follow their student population if possible. These processes will occur before the end of the school year.   We will keep up updated.


Closing the Achievement Gap

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Closing the Achievement Gap


SCTA leadership has been working with community partners for some time to look at ways our union can assist students of color within the SCUSD.  Most recently, SCTA leaders have been involved with the recently formed Achievement Gap Advisory Group.  This group is looking at the achievement gap issue with all the stakeholders in the room to work on defining the issues while looking for collaborative solutions.  We are looking for members with an interest in this issue to join the group as part of SCTA’s contingent.  So, if you are interested in being a part of this group please contact your Building Representative, or SCTA directly. We will be discussing this and accepting names for volunteers at our next Representative Council on April 11th.  The Advisory Group will meet again in May.

Community Outreach- SCTA Web

The Organizing Committee is putting into place a mechanism to build positive relationships between local community groups and SCTA.  As much as school consumes our lives, we are also active members in our community.  We would like to know which community groups you are active in.  These groups can be social, political, city, or neighborhood based.   Just a few examples: PTSA at a specific school, Stonewall Democrats, Neighborhood Associations, League of Women Voters, Soccer clubs, Book Clubs, Foodie Clubs…

Providing this information does not mean you automatically become the liaison for this organization (unless you want to be). Hopefully, gathering this information will open up lines of communication between SCTA and the greater community.

At your earliest convenience, email the Organizing Committee’s point person for this project Nate with the following information:

  • Name
  • School Site
  • Personal Contact Info (Phone Number/Email Address)
  • Community Group(s)
  • And if you are interested in acting as a liaison

Class Size Overages

We are receiving several questions about the amount owed for overages in the contract.  Class size is covered in Article 17 of the contract and calls for ninety dollars ($90) a day you are over the class size maximums.  We are hearing that some members are being paid twenty dollars ($20) for their overages.  The contract does call for twenty dollars ($20) in Article 17.6.1 (f) but that Article covers Special Education Class Size.  If you are a regular education teacher and are over the maximums in Article 17 for your segment you are to be paid ninety dollars ($90) a day for your overages.  We hope this clears up any confusion on this issue.

CPT Hours

3 days (18 for 6 hour employees and 24 for 8 hour employees) of CPT hours must be completed by May 31st to avoid having your pay docked for the year. If you do not complete the 18 hours you will also not receive a full years credit to STRS, which will affect your retirement.

There should be make-up hours provided at your site during this time of year.  All unit members, be they a social worker, a music teacher, an itinerant teacher only at your site 1 day a week, etc. should be welcome at site CPT hours.  There are some specific rules for off-site, job specific CPT hours.  We understand that your principals have a list of CPT hours for each teacher at their site.  Please check with them regarding the status of your hours.  SCTA strongly recommends that you maintain your own records of date, time and topic of each CPT hour you attend every year.

Scholarship Applications

There has been some technical difficulty getting the 2013 Scholarship information and applications on the SCTA website.  The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2013 and the information/applications are available at the SCTA office.  If you give Jolene a call (452-4591) she will send one out to you at your school site.


SCTA General Election Results


President:  Nikki Milevsky  — 570

1st Vice President: Scott Smith— 543

2nd Vice President:  David Fisher — 529

Secretary:  Cheryl Sims — 513

Treasurer: Robert Lynch— 514

Elementary Director (2 elected): Cindee Stewart— 247

Todd Thibodeau — 237

Middle School Director:  Bob Priestley — 45

High School Director:  Nate Starace — 81

Pupil Services Director:  Evelyn Sandoval — 27

Special Ed Director:  Jack King — 63

State Council Alternates (4 elected):  Sandy Olson — 415

Stacey Willett — 407

Damian Harmony — 401

Lesa Hertel — 383

State Council Reps (4 elected):  CTA rules state that each person must attain more than 50% of the total votes cast in order to be declared a winner.  That total for this election was 364.  Unfortunately, none of the candidates attained the total needed to be declared a winner so there needs to be a runoff election for State Council Rep.  This election will be held within the next two weeks.


REMINDERGeneral Election Ballots due in SCTA Office — 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, April 5, 2013.  Ballots were sent to all sites the week of March 18th.

Cesar Chavez March — Saturday, April 6, 2013.  Rain or Shine!   Please join your fellow educators and community members for the Cesar Chavez March on April 6th. The march begins at 10 am fromSouthsidePark (6th andT Street,Sacramento). Complimentary Daily Passes from RT for the day of the march are available at the SCTA office until 5:00 pm Friday. The march will loop back toSouthsidePark with speakers beginning at 1:00 pm. A special thanks to our PPS Director, Evelyn Sandoval, who will speak on our behalf after the march. Please wear your SCTA T-shirts and enjoy this great event.  Be sure to stop by the SCTA table and say ”hi”.

Scholarship Applications Available.   SCTA Scholarship applications are now available on the SCTA website ( or at the SCTA Office.  If you need information mailed to you, please call Jolene at 452-4591.  Applications are due in the SCTA Office on Tuesday, April 30th — 5:00 p.m.

REMINDER:  There will be a special meeting for laid- off Child Development and Parent Pre-School teachers with our CTA Lawyer, Costa Kerestenzis, at the SCTA Office (5300 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819) TUESDAY, APRIL 9th. Laid Off Parent Participation Pre-School teachers will meet here at 4:30 p.m. and laid off Children Center teachers will meet here at 6:30 p.m.